Does your business have a security guard orsystem in place? Protecting your assets starts with taking proper and adequate preventive measures in your place of business, regardless of how big or small your enterprise is. The importance of a commercial security company in New York can be summed up into five points.

1. Deter shoplifting, vandalism, and burglary

Any crime that causes loss or damage to your business is not only costly but also can cause unnecessary stress. Surveillance cameras and intruder alarm systems can prevent break-ins in your office or store.

2. Ensure safety of your employees

Your employees are just as important—or even more valuable—as your products and other company assets. They trust that you keep them secure in their workplace, and they deserve it. When they are harmed, your business operations will be compromised, to begin with.

3. Discourage employee theft

Although you would like to believe that all your employees are trustworthy, there are cases in the United States where employees are caught stealing from their companies or colleagues. In fact, according to the estimates of the U.S. Department of Commerce, employee thefts in the country are pegged at $50 billion annually. CCTV cameras and other monitoring systems can deter employees from stealing.

4. Enjoy insurance discounts

There are business insurance policies that provide discounts to businesses that install alarm systems. Check your insurance policy or contact your insurance provider if it offers discounts for security systems.

5. Protect your assets and people from fires

Fires are a business’s worst enemy—you will lose your hard-earned assets and worse, your trusted people if you do not have a fire alarm system or smoke alarm that can alert you of a possible fire.