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ASC Announces new Patent Pending invention using water to improve coal burning efficiency

ASC Inc.
PO Box 7628
Falls Church, Va, 22046


March 20, 2009

Virginia based ASC Inc. announces that it has applied for a provisional patent on a new discovery that promises to substantially increases the efficiency of burning fossil fuels using ordinary water.
The Process developed by Mr. Alexander A Stanich, CEO of ASC Inc. uses common water, including sea water, polluted or contaminated water to generate between 8 and 14% additional energy from the burning of fossil fuels.
The additional processing and equipment necessary to achieve these ends do not require new discoveries and are commonly available in current industrial parts.
Further development and refinement of the process to increase its efficiency as it applies to existing and future development of coal, gas, petrochemical, electric or ceramic heat sources as well as recovery of minerals and chemicals contained in the water may further increase its economic value.

ASC Inc. is a privately held Sterling Virginia based Corporation specializing in the International marketing and sale of defensive and protective security equipment, and consulting services.

The inventor has discovered, and has received a Patent Pending in the process of patenting, a new way to use ordinary water to enhance the combustion process of fossil fuels to substantially increase the efficiency of such fuel use by 14% or more. This promises to revolutionize current and future burning of fossil fuels to produce energy. Mr. Stanich indicated that the 8-14% efficiency increase is based on current efforts using off the shelf industrial parts and can be increased by further development and research.
The amazing discovery is that some portions of the process comes from existing technology in other areas. Mr. Stanich expects to further engineer and develop through schools and institutions to refine, further test under standard testing procedures and develop a refined model of this discovery. The potential in energy efficiency and pollution control of using this water based technology is huge, as even a 10% improvement in the fuel burning process can reduce any fuel consumption by trillions of BTU’s thereby reducing material costs, demands for their extraction and significant contributions to the struggle against Global arming and reduction in pollutants.

Company contact is Mr. Alexander A Stanich,
BURNING WATER division of
American Security & Control Inc
1-800-999-1384 / 703-444-4989


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