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ASC among first in Nation to sell new Chemical warfare agents decontamination spray fluid to the Pub

Falls Church, Virginia, October18, 2002

American Security & Control Inc. Falls Church, Virginia; announces the availability for general worldwide sale,in the interests of Homeland Defense, of the first effective Chemical decontaminant against chemical warfare agents in a long lasting, easy to apply and extremely effective spray solution of minimal environmental, human, animal, and plant impact.

Developed and licensed by Sandia National Laboratories, for use by Military, Police, First Responders, Medical and Decontamination personnel, as well as Commercial and Public Agencies and individuals, the product is now available for use and worldwide sale, as it has shown to be generally non toxic and enviromentally safe for typical applications while extremely effective in killing the targeted weapons of mass destruction substances.

The decontamination fluid comes in a wide range of sizes from the personal (22 oz. @$ 79.50) to large commercial and Public Safety systems for the emergency decontamination of suspect chemical threats.

Initially used, under special license, in the Hart, Dirksen and other Washington DC office buildings and at ABC studios in New York, the easyDECON fluid may be applied as either a spray, mist or foam over any physical surface to thoroughly decontaminate it of chemical warfare and other agents and threats.
After one hour, 99.99999% of the present chemical substance agents are rendered ineffective.
The product has a 10 year shelf life and is effective for up to 60 days after mixing.

In most uses by municipalities or commercial remediation services, the product will be used in a foam application (foam expands the coverage by over 70 times) but it can also be used in a mist or spray to decontaminate any surface. ASC in now marketing the product worldwide as both a bulk chemical and as a complete turnkey decontamination foam application system in both easily transportable backpacks, stationary installations and in truck based transport and application systems.

ASC President Alexander Stanich was quoted as saying that for the first time since the threat of chemical agents , the general pubilc as well asCcommercial and Public Safety, Fire, remediation companies, Military. Medical and Municipalities have the ability to immediately respond to and control a potentially dangerous and lethal situation without having to wait hours or days for far away response teams to arrive on the scene. In most cases they can contain the suspect exposure without having to wait for either confirmation or the arrival of out of area, possibly otherwise occupied personnel to solve their immediate problem

Mr. Stanich further noted that any potential target such as an office building, transportation system or municipality, or individuals in their own home, can have their own supply of the Decontaminant spray on their property to deal with the immediate problem. The cost of the product is minimal for the peace of mind and ability to respond quickly to a dangerous situation that EasyDECON decontamination fluid can provide.

Although submitted for evaluation for sale in the US as a Biological theat (including Anthrax, VZ,GD (Soman) HD (Mustard) decontamination agents), the EPA has not yet approved the sale of the product in the US,(except for special situations/permits by a EPA approved remiator) pending completion of appropriate testing, determination and registration protocols.

The Easy Decon solution has been found effective against all Weapons of Mass Destruction chemical agents as defined by the US Deparment of Defense.
The US Military has purchased significant quantities of the product as a replacement for their DS-2 deconatmination kits as the product has proved outstandingly effective to beat out all other decontamination products with minimal side effects and maximum decontamination and kill performance up to 99.99999% after a one hour exposure to the liquid EasyDECON.


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