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NEW State of the Art Body Armor protection

ASC Inc. of Falls Church, Virginia, USA, has announced the first time availability in the US of a radical/NEW Body Armor product that is both lighter, cooler and offers a higher level of protection than existing Ballistic fabric based products. Unusually the new Knights Body Armor uses new technology in a much older means of personal protection. Instead of utilizing multiple layers,(as many as 60!) of ballistic fabric that is common in existing products, increasing weight and heat build-up, the new vest utilizes large, High Density special VRN Steel ballistic plates, contour fitted to the body shape for both front, back and side protection. Because of this, the vest is lighter and wears cooler than traditional body armor while providing 80% or more coverage of the core body and can be modified by the user, in the field, by removing the VRN steel plates from the inside pockets as the need arises for different missions and situations.

Benefits of the new Knights Body Armor are:
1. LEVEL III ballistic protection against all handguns and high powered rifle shots up to the powerful AK-47 weapons.
2. Lighter (22Lbs, max) & cooler than existing similar rated products, easier personal adjustments through the use of unusually flexible high strength Velcro straps, and much more flexibility to the wearer as only two sizes are needed to accommodate a very wide variety of body sizes and shapes as well as both males and females, thereby substantially reducing the need for typical custom fittings requirements.
3. Due to the use of the High Density VRN armor plates, and unlike similar expensive Ceramic armor plates that shatter after only one or a few hits, this vest has been tested up to 16 hits with the high power AK-47 rifle used throughout the world.
4. Unusually this vest is also protective against stabbing and cutting weapons that typical vests have a hard time protecting against.
5. Most battlefield and tactical injuries occur as a result of shrapnel or similar low and high velocity flying particles tearing through traditional ballistic fabric body armor, the Knights vest is generally impervious to such threats through the use of a special rubberized covering of the Armor Plates that trap and deflect shrapnel and other objects that would otherwise penetrate the standard body armor. This new, innovative applications Body Armor vest is suitable for both a concealed body armor of very high protective capacity in a variety of situations and as an externally worn tactical vest for both Police and Military applications. Accordingly, if the wearer requires external pockets and linkages, any of a wide variety of commercially available external carriers can be used or custom tailored to the departmental requirements.

ASC Inc. is a worldwide provider of defensive and protective high technolgy Security Products such as Body Armor, Ballistic shatter resistant laminates for glass, Bottled Liquid Checkers at Airports, Embassies, office buildings and law enforcement locations and courts; X-ray inspection machines, anti-terrorist instantly deployable vehicle barrier systems, metal and explosive detection devices, and a wide variety of similarly related products through its web site a "www.AmericanSecurity.Net".

The company may be contacted either through its web site or by e-mail at


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