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Conpass X-1280


The CONPASS X-1280 is the world's first high-speed, scanning linear x-ray detector designed specifically for human beings. The CONPASS X-1280 allows a fully clothed individual to be totally x-rayed within 10 seconds for immediate analysis without an intrusive, labor, and time-intensive physical search .The system uses a very narrow, flat scanning x-ray beam characterized by extremely low x-ray exposure below 5 microrems, This level of exposure does not exceed the typical daily natural radiation dose or that normally associated with a one-hour flight. People are carried across the beam by a conveyor belt or people mover, as commonly used in airports. The CONPASS is the only such system which is considered safe for the examination of humans carrying hidden contraband, jewelry, or dangerous materials such as metal and non-metal weapons, drugs, or other hazardous materials. Applications for the system include the scanning of visitors at airports, banks, embassies, nuclear power centers, prisons, court houses, precious stone/gold mining sites, military installations, and other highly sensitive areas such as microchip manufacturing facilities and secure vaults. Due to its extremely high resolution and software interpolated detailing, a modified version of the unit has been utilized for mass screenings of individuals for lung and breast anomalies. Since the unit uses no x-ray film or developing, the results are stored on a hard drive for future referral or digital retransmission anywhere in the world. The price includes two technical engineers for on-site installation and training of operating personnel. NOTE: THIS UNIT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US.


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